BP Oil Spill Off Florida Gulf


For this week’s blog post, I looked for a story relating to the beach and I came across this link that argues whether or not BP is responsible for oil pollution off the Florida Gulf. In this article, the topic of discussion is whether or not the gas company BP is responsible for the recent reports of oil discoveries due to the Deepwater Horizon Blowout and Oil spill along the Florida Gulf. Researchers have come across a large quantity of surface residue balls or “tar balls” within the Gulf. These hardened balls are often filled with deadly, flesh-eating bacteria and should not be handled without special gloves as they are extremely hazardous. They went out with a team to collect these surface residue balls; however, they found that there were too numerous of an amount for the team to collect with their limited number of resources. Nevertheless, the team recorded that they caught 384 surface residue balls amounting to one pound of oil product, and state that this is huge especially for such a small area. The fact that there were still more to take into account increases that one pound, and is extremely dangerous especially for the marine life. The article notes that, “Since the end of BP’s official cleanup efforts in June 2013, over 35,400 tar balls and 1,918 pounds of Deepwater Horizon oil have been documented and removed from Florida’s beaches alone.”

I think it’s clear as day that not all the surface residue balls have been cleaned up and the waters aren’t free from the oil spilled. In the article, BP claims that they are not the culprit but the victim. In their opinion, the blame is being put on them but I think they’re just avoiding another lawsuit or complaint about their company’s past mistake. I disagree with their opinion, and can see from the facts in the article that the cleanup efforts from June 2013 did not do a very good job. BP needs to own up to their mistake and shell out the money to properly clean the waters that they contaminated because marine life is at stake in the Gulf not including other waters along the southern half of the east coast.


Part of Me

My love for the beach is beyond an obsession… if that’s even possible. Not only is it my favorite place to be, escape to, and think about; moreover, it’s part of who I am. My favorite thing to be considered, is a beach girl. I love everything about being a beach girl. I love wearing bathing suits, tank tops and shorts, or summer dresses. I love being tan, and feeling the sun beat on my skin. I love, love, LOVE the smell of sunscreen.

I love how sand gets everywhere I do like my car, my house, my pool, and even my bed. I love the smell of the salty sea, and the feel of the cool breeze blowing inland from the frothy shore. I love fulfilling the stereotypes of a beach girl as well such as my hair always smelling like the ocean, knotted, and mostly down. The sun changes its color to lighter.

In the summer, flip flops, slip on Vans, and Sanuks are the only shoes I wear; however, 90% of the time I go everywhere barefoot. I drive barefoot, I walk around barefoot, I go to the beach barefoot, and I just don’t like wearing shoes…. Though I keep a pair of them in the back in case I need to wear them into a restaurant or something. I’ve been obsessed with small beachy tattoos to get when I’m older, and have researched beach properties since I was 13. I watch documentaries on the world’s beaches, and enjoy shows like House Hunters on the beaches.

The beach is what I identify most with. It’s what I think of, it’s what I doodle in my notebooks, its the topic of the quotes I look up, and its part of my life that I never want to be separated from.


East Coast Livin’

I have a wide variety of genres of music that I love to listen to but it depends on the day. Over the summer I love to listen to a grand variation of country, oldies, and popular culture with my best friend Riley. There is nothing better than driving around in the warm weather with the windows down, blasting music, and screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs with your best friend. Summer has to be my all time favorite season. There is no better time because I love just being carefree and a little reckless with my friends while we’re still young. I’m a very stressed out person; however, most of it is self inflicted. I’m a perfectionist and am always in a hurry wherever I go with whatever I do. On the East coast, there is a lot of commotion because of the business and trade that goes on in our harbors. Constantly, ships are sailing back and forth out to sea and back into the Atlantic Ocean. The West coast is definitely more relaxed than the East coast. On the East coast, especially in Virginia Beach, there are a lot of military families, naval bases, and planes causing commotion 24/7. Coming to Albany was the biggest shift because there isn’t any jet noise and there aren’t many military people around. In general, I just exemplify the pressure and structure of life in my city. The perfect release of stress and the way I take a step back to relax is the beach. It’s the perfect escape in the summer with the warm weather and laid back music. East coast living is definitely busy so I’m thankful I have the beach, otherwise I’d lose my mind.

Sandbridge Beach

There is honestly nothing in the world that compares to living on the beach. I’m very anticipatory of the future and what it holds. I always look towards what my life will be like when I have my own family and my own house. Where I grew up, my house isn’t right on the beach. It’s actually a cookie cutter neighborhood that looks like two other neighborhoods near by. In Virginia Beach, the older homes with more character are towards a beach called Sandbridge. I live about 20 minutes away from Sandbridge, and 10 minutes away from the Oceanfront which is the main beach strip for tourists. Sandbridge is more local and way less tourist-y. It is my favorite place to be and the houses there are beautiful. I love to drive down Sandbridge road to admire all the old and new construction on the houses as well as the creative names to give the houses. I particularly fell in love with a beautiful white house called Checkmate that backs up onto the beach:


If I come back to Virginia Beach after college, I will buy this house. Most houses down on Sandbridge are rented houses for vacation; however, every so often when a family falls in love with a house they purchase it off the landlord if he/she allows it. This house is my dream place to live. It is backed up on the beach with its own beach path, 5 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms. Once I become a doctor and hopefully with my own practice, one day this house will be mine and my kids will thank me.

Beach Buddies

My best friend and I share a great love for the beach, she is the only friend that would literally live there 24/7 with me. We go there to lay out, to collect sea shells, to swim in the ocean, to walk the beach, to run on the beach, etc. The beach is honestly our escape. The only other outlet of our anger, stress, sadness, and all other emotions was soccer. Riley and I have been on the same soccer team since we were little and to this day we’re still best friends. When our parents were stressing us out or school or boys, we would either call each other to go to a field or go to the beach. We can play soccer for hours to vent our frustration out, and similarly we can spend hours at the beach just calming ourselves listening to the waves. Sometimes Riley and I don’t need to have our toes in the sand. We love to simply drive down to the beach on the oceanfront side and just look at all the beach houses that are down there as well as the ones we’ve been to. The beach is our escape from reality when we don’t want to go home and start homework, or go home to stressed out parents. The beach keeps us young and careless, when in reality we have a lot of responsibility now that we are growing up. I believe that when we are both older and have our own families, Riley and I will still call each other from time to time wanting to go play soccer or head down to the beach. We’re going to be beach buddies until our daughters take our place.

Beauty in Simplicity

This week we’ve learned that in descriptive narratives, and literature today the writing is “cluttered.” Writers try to complicate their writing to seem more sophisticated by using big words, complex sentences, or extensively detail their work. All of these are awful ideas because it causes the reader to lose track of what the author is saying, or not be able to grasp it completely. Authors like Zinsser try to make it public to the world, that complexity is not always the best. Over sophistication doesn’t necessarily enhance writing to make it seem more intelligent or well thought out. I relate to this a lot because I, myself, try to over complicate everything I say or do. I’m a perfectionist, and sometimes in my papers if a word seems to simplistic I’ll enhance it with more developed vocabulary. In life, I try to make things harder than they seem; thus, my head becomes “cluttered” with all sorts of tasks I can’t accomplish due to my inability to be simple. Ultimately procrastination happens.

At the beach, life is simple. There’s nothing complicated about it. The sand, ocean’s waves, sun, and sunscreen are all to it. Think of the beach analogous to writing. It’s simple, beautiful, and enjoyable. Simple writing is more enjoyable than a complex mess because it’s easier to read and comprehend. Imagine a simple, bare beach. When you make a narrative complex, unnecessary sentences, details, and words are used. No one wants that. Imagine all that “clutter” as stupid tourists. Suddenly all you want to do is leave just as with a narrative. Once it becomes “cluttered” it won’t be enjoyable, and all the reader wants to do is stop. Simplicity is easy to comprehend. Every one wants a simple relaxing beach day, not a clutter of tourists.

Descriptive Writing and Use of Language

Descriptive writing is very important to writers especially when writing a story. Whether authors write a nonfictional piece of history or tell a fictional story, descriptive writing aids the author in conveying the full picture to the audience. With the task of writing a descriptive narrative, I have learned how to incorporate all the senses for my readers to better visualize the scene I’m depicting in my writing. When I am asked to depict something that is beautiful to me, I do not simply say “the beach.” I describe the feeling of getting tan by the warm sun beating on my sunblock protected skin. I include the sound the waves make when they crash on the shore, or the different types of shells that have become polished by being tossed around in the rough sand. The beach is a beautiful place not only because of the aesthetics, but the sound of laughter from everyone on it as well as the music people play while hanging out with friends. The descriptiveness of the beach helps the readers visualize what I see, and why it is so beautiful to me.

Many different aspects of language alter how a writer uses it to benefit the success of the writing. Depending on the audience, writing can be improper or proper language. For instance, slang words that surfers use at the beach would not be considered proper language to use in a document or at an interview. It is also important to not mistake words for others, or improperly use a synonym that connotes another meaning. For instance when writing about a day at the beach I would not write, “I relished the time with my friends in the water and loved constructing sand castles in addition to scavenging for  seashells.” This is too much, and unnecessary. Yes, relished is a synonym for enjoyed, constructing is a synonym for building, and scavenging is a synonym for collecting; however, relish connotes enjoying food, constructing is more formal, and scavenging connotes a hunt.

Introduction of my Blog

Hello 🙂 This blog was made by yours truly, with the theme of the beach… Obviously, because that is where I’m from and it’s my favorite place to be. This blog was centered around the things that make me happy so it is befitting to center it around the beach. My posts will be personal, mostly about my family and friends as well as anything I’m feeling. The color scheme I chose was yellow and blue to stick to the beachy theme; moreover, blue and yellow are my favorite colors. To get to know me better and learn some interesting facts about my life, check out the About Me page!